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The  Syllabus

IDLTM consists of eight compulsory modules with assignment based assessment for each module. In all modules participants have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with their peers from a variety of Language Teaching Organisations (LTOs). The course comprises the following syllabus areas:

1. Organisational Management:

  • providing a foundation in the theory and practice of organisational behaviour, management and leadership

  • types of organisational structure and models of organisational culture.

2. Human Resource Management & Communication​:

  • matching people to organisational needs

  • includes areas such as staff recruitment, induction, motivation, performance management and effective communication.

3. Managing Financial Resources:

  • developing skills in using and interpreting financial procedures and systems

  • includes the analysis of financial information in the context of business plans and balance sheets.

4. Marketing:

  • applying marketing and promotional theory to practice within the LTO

  • developing a marketing plan and putting it into operation.

5. Customer Service Management:

  • integrating client and customer service and quality assurance practices into the work of a manager

  • dealing effectively with client and customer feedback

6. Project Management:

  • understanding procedures and practices for managing small to larger scale projects within the LTO.

7. Change Management:

  • establishing the necessary skills and tools that lead to success in managing both planned changes and unplanned crises.

8. Academic Management:

  • enabling course participants to utilise appropriate frameworks to initiate, promote and sustain programs of course and teacher development

  • understanding current trends in TESOL and the development, delivery and monitoring of courses, including curriculum design and innovation.

Core text


One assignment is set for each module. Assignment lengths vary from 1000-3000 words depending on the module. The assignment types also differ depending on the nature of the module.

Note: participants will need reliable internet access and a basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel.

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